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The TSH determination of 4 is not abnormal (unless your laboratory marks it). It would be indicated to perform a complete determination of the thyroid profile, since with pregnancy thyroid function tests can be modified, without being pathological (disease). The complete results should be evaluated by an Endocrinologist and a Maternal-Fetal Gynecologist, as your pregnancy should be monitored very closely.

The thyroid profile should check the levels of TSH, free T3 and free T4; depending on the above and the risk status of your cancer, the dose should be adjusted or the absorption of exogenous t4 should be improved.

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Central giant cell lesion (CGCL) is a benign osteolytic lesion that in some cases presents an aggressive behavior, with recurrence and poor prognosis. Ki-67 is a nuclear protein whose general function is the regulation of cell proliferation. This marker is used for the recognition of proliferating cells and as a prognostic tool in the diagnosis of neoplasms. The aim of this study was to quantify Ki-67 immunoexpression in the different cell populations of GCCLs and to analyze its association with clinical, demographic and radiographic features. Ki-67 immunoexpression of 17 cases of GCCL was evaluated in two cell populations: multinucleated giant cells (MNCs) and stromal mesenchymal cells (SMCs). Statistical analysis was performed with SAS 9.0 and SPSS version 23.0 software, with an imposed alpha level of P<0.05. The ESCs showed an average immunoexpression of 9.4% and the MECs of 0.65%. No statistically significant relationship was found between clinical, demographic and radiographic characteristics of GCLs and Ki-67 immunoexpression. The expression of Ki-67 in MSCs suggests that this population is in constant cellular activity and that GCCLs are dynamic lesions in a constant process of differentiation.

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Las malas noticias del médico tuvieron un gran impacto en la salud mental de Adrián. Dijo: «Pensé mucho en suicidarme. Caí en una gran depresión. Me encerré en mi burbuja. Pero siempre tenía dos cosas en mente. Pensaba en mi familia y en mi propio orgullo. No quería dejarlo pasar». Pero su optimismo le hizo superar las miradas y los comentarios desagradables y ha sido capaz de mantener el sentido del humor. Dijo: «Puede que acabe pareciéndome a Tom Cruise, pero no creo que eso sea posible, ¿verdad? Siempre he albergado la esperanza de acabar bien». Tras hablar con el médico, padre e hijo viajaron mil kilómetros a Ciudad de México para someterse a una operación de alto riesgo, realizada por la doctora Laura Andrade Delgado.

El tumor se había endurecido tanto que hizo falta un martillo y un cincel para cortarlo. El hueso fibroso se extrajo en trozos, y la Dra. Andrade pudo eliminar la sección que bloqueaba la boca y la nariz de Adrián. Tres meses después de la operación, Adrián se está recuperando bien. Nos cuenta: «La recuperación en el hospital fue difícil, porque me introdujeron tubos para la reconstrucción de las fosas nasales. «Cuando bebía agua me dolía». Lo peor ya ha pasado y Adrián se está acostumbrando a su nueva cara. Dice: «Estaba acostumbrado a dormir siempre sentado y ahora duermo con normalidad y no se me tapa la nariz.

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Looking for a soft tissue tumor specialist in San Luis Potosi?  Dr. Adrian Rada is a general surgeon certified by the Mexican Board of General Surgery with training in laparoscopic surgery (minimally invasive surgery) when applicable to help the patient recover faster and with less pain, and to minimize risk.

There are many types of soft tissue tumors, and not all are cancerous. Many benign tumors are found in the soft tissues. These tumors cannot spread to other parts of the body. Some soft tissue tumors behave differently between a malignant and a benign cancer. These are called intermediate soft tissue tumors.

Some soft tissue changes are caused by inflammation or injury and may form a mass that looks like a soft tissue tumor. Unlike an actual tumor, they do not come from a single abnormal cell, have limited ability to grow or spread to nearby tissues, and never spread through the bloodstream or lymphatic system to other parts of the body. Nodular fasciitis and myositis ossificans are two examples that affect the tissues under the skin and muscle tissues, respectively.

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