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We love gourmet croquettes and as we know you do too (otherwise we suppose you wouldn’t be reading this post), we have thought of grouping together the croquette recipes of some of the best cooks that usually appear on television.

In another pot, we put the 3 liters of milk on the fire to reduce over low heat without seizing the milk, so that it reduces and if it remains in 2 liters, to achieve a greater creaminess. A trick so that the milk does not stick, is to wet the pot previously with water.

Inside the casserole in which we have the cold roux, we have to introduce little by little the very hot milk just boiled, and we are stirring with a rod without stopping so that they do not go out lumps. All this mixture, we put it to the fire and we continue giving turns so that it goes fattening the besamel and when it boils, we put the mixer in the casserole and we beat all the mass. Then, we continue stirring for 12 minutes so that the croquette is creamy.

Inside our besamel sauce, we add the chopped boiled egg and the chopped ham and mix everything very well. We distribute the dough in a bowl, and let the mixture cool in the refrigerator for about 6 hours.

you are a cook: sergio prepares a bechamel sauce cream

An essential syllabus, lots of tricks and endless curiosities to finally ‘graduate’ in cooking. Canal Cocina, produced by AMC Networks International and specialized in gastronomic content, launches its own ‘Escuela de Canal Cocina’.

This new format, especially didactic, close and fundamental to know how to defend oneself in the kitchen, will be taught by Sergio Fernández. With his unmistakable style and his extensive experience as a teacher at the Escuela de Hostelería de Madrid, he will turn all those novices into worthy cooks, but also all those who are already loyal to the channel into even more experts in the field. Cooking course in times of confinement and teleworking Present in more than five million homes, Canal Cocina takes into account with this new space the current tremendously complicated situation in which, as a result of confinement and teleworking, many people have approached the kitchen for the first time. In this context, offering a basic cooking course has become a necessity. The program offers the best recommendations for preparing a wide variety of dishes such as legumes, rice, fried foods, basic stocks, veal dishes, fish or pastries.

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Eliminate «bad habits» and learn how to buy products and get the best out of them are the objectives of ‘Escuela Canal Cocina’, a program that premieres this Thursday, April 1 with Sergio Fernandez on Canal Cocina to «graduate» in the kitchen and become «a worthy cook».

With his didactic and close style, this chef professor at the School of Hotel Management in Madrid will help those who spend more time in the kitchen, by obligation or taste, in this pandemic, not only through the program that premieres this Thursday at 14:30 hours, but also the web, which will bring together both recipes and tips.

With this program, Canal Cocina – which reaches more than five million homes – tries to help people who, due to confinement or teleworking, have to cook every day with this «basic cooking course» that also covers baking.

In there will be tests so that viewers can get an accredited title endorsed by Canal Cocina that will certify having successfully passed the school’s course.

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